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Certification Affiliates

This content is intended for our Affiliates. The Certification and Accreditation Bodies who help assure our certification process.

Guidance for Cyber Essentials

Becoming an Accreditation Body

The NCSC is the authority for appointing Accreditation Bodies (ABs) for Cyber Essentials on behalf of HMG. An AB is responsible for appointing one or more Certifying Bodies (CBs) to carry out Cyber Essentials evaluations and certify organisations which comply with the requirements of the scheme.

The NCSC are reviewing the current commercial vehicles for the contracting of Cyber Essentials and more information will be made available shortly. In the meantime no further applications to become an Accreditation Body will be considered.

Becoming a Certification Body

If your organisation would like to become a Certifying Body, please contact one of the Accrediting Bodies:

For guidance outlining acceptable use of Cyber Essentials content and its assets, please refer to the NCSC terms and conditions.

The Cyber Essentials Requirements

Details of the standards required by the scheme for certification of IT infrastructure