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IASME Consortium will be our new Cyber Essentials Partner

IASME takes over full responsibility for Cyber Essentials delivery from 1 April 2020

In my last blog I talked about how Cyber Essentials is evolving to meet the cyber security challenges of the future and I outlined several of the changes the NCSC were planning to make to the scheme. These included, amongst other things:

  • a new simplified operating model and streamlined user experience
  • the introduction of a minimum criteria for Certification Bodies and Cyber Essentials assessors
  • the introduction of an expiry date on certificates

Key to all the changes we have planned is the appointment of an industry partner to work with us. This has been the focus of NCSC planning for the last few months.

Announcing a new partner

I’m now delighted to announce that following a competition, the NCSC have awarded a 5-year contract to the IASME Consortium Ltd to be our new Cyber Essentials Partner from April 2020.

“We are extremely excited about the prospect of working in partnership with the NCSC to develop and grow the Cyber Essentials scheme.  We have seen such a positive effect already over the last 5 years where Cyber Essentials has increased the basic levels of security across all sectors. We are so pleased that we can be part of the future developments, working closely with the excellent Certification Bodies, trade bodies, police and other key stakeholders, to ensure further growth of the scheme.”

IASME Chief Executive, Dr Emma Philpott, MBE

Cyber Essentials is an important part of the NCSC’s mission to “make the UK one of the safest places to live and do business-on line”. The NCSC is looking forward to working in partnership with the IASME team to ensure that the scheme continues to evolve to meet the cyber security challenges of tomorrow a scheme that puts cyber security within reach of the vast majority of UK organisations.

Planning for transition

We’ve already started working with IASME on a transition plan which sees them taking over full responsibility for Cyber Essentials delivery at the beginning of April 2020. There’s much to do in that time but we’re confident that it is all achievable; and, we’ll be sure to keep everyone updated as plans develop.

If you’re an existing Cyber Essentials Certification Body (CB), IASME will be specifically reaching out to you in the coming weeks and will be providing updates on what you will need to do if you wish to continue in this role after April 2020. We also plan to run some joint events for CBs where you will be able to meet the NCSC and IASME teams and we can answer your questions directly.

Business as usual

In the meantime, whilst we are planning transition, for everyone else, the Cyber Essentials scheme continues as it is today. Organisations can continue applying for certification through the existing 5 Accreditation Bodies up to the end of March 2020. So if you were thinking of certification or re-certification, don’t hesitate. Like I said in my last blog “Our Accreditation Bodies are here to help you today, so take a look around the website and consider getting started immediately.”

Further information

As the project progresses, we will be publishing more detailed information on here, where you'll find an updated set of FAQs which answer common questions as they arise. We’ll also aim to keep everyone updated of progress on the NCSC blog. Watch this space!

A word to our Accreditation Bodies

Finally, I'd like to end by saying thank you to the Accreditation Bodies. We really appreciate all the work you have done over the years to support and promote Cyber Essentials. Without your help, the scheme would not be as successful as it is today.

Anne W
Head of Commercial Assurance Services